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On The Road - aktualizacja
On The Road


  • player owned vehicles visible in the world
  • trailers must be coupled and uncoupled by leaving the truck
  • change to other vehicles by just boarding them instead of chosing them in the menu
  • vehicles are delivered to the truck service of the city you chose
  • trailers without a truck can be added to your route planning
  • your headquarter can be added to the route planning
  • unified loading positions for each company type

  • optimized several array materials
  • reflection calculation in highest settings optimized
  • vegetation billboards cull better now
  • renderperformance of cornfields improved
  • terrain distance rendering optimized
  • massively improved performance at dusk and dawn
  • optimized Ambient Occlusion performance
  • optimized rain performance
  • optimized shadow performance

  • less saturated more natural colors

  • prepared the connecting A3 between Cologne and Frankfurt
  • prepared the connecting A45 between Dortmund and Frankfurt
  • prepared the connecting A7 between Hanover and Cassel
  • prepared the connecting A38 between Drammetal and Leipzig
  • prepared the connecting A44 between Dortmund and Cassel
  • prepared the connecting A14 between Magdeburg and Leipzig
  • prepared roads of Munich and Nuremberg

  • fixed a doubled building type and activated the planned appearance
  • fixed doubled Logistics Hub logo on GPS device in Bremen
  • fixed more material issues at the roads
  • fixed city limit signs at west Hanover
  • fixed some areas were grass was on the road
  • fixed AI crashing into traffic lights at t-cross near WWS Magdeburg
  • fixed more buildings standing too close to the road in Bremen, Magdeburg and Berlin
  • fixed dissapearing AI at t-cross in south west Berlin
  • fixed missing physical materials in sectors where neccessary
  • fixed that the random car spawner could spawn parked cars at your position after loading a savegame
  • fixed wrong road collision at exit Bremen Brinkum
  • fixed wrong materials at LOD stages of one building type


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